Research and development is an essential topic, especially for a young company at the interface between industry and digitalization. On the one hand, to develop new services and products and, on the other hand, to be able to continuously expand the network of partners through research projects.

EXARON uses simulation and extended reality technologies. This means that we operate in an environment that is changing rapidly and evolving every day. Anyone who does not focus on research and cooperation with scientific partners will sooner or later fall by the wayside.

KIRAMET: AI-based recycling of metal composite waste

Against the backdrop of the “European Green Deal” and the circular economy package, resource consumption and CO2 emissions must be drastically reduced by 2030 and resource efficiency must be massively increased at the same time. The ecological footprint of metals is particularly high due to the use of raw materials, but at the same time they are ideal candidates for recycling. This is exactly where the FFG lead project KIRAMET and wants to use artificial intelligence to improve the quality of metallic waste.

EXARON is proud to contribute its expertise to the 4.4 million Euro research project. The project is a prime example of how the combination of Future technologies How Artificial Intelligence (AI), Simulations and Extended Reality (XR) can be used to make a significant contribution to the circular economy and raw material supply.

KIRAMET is funded as a lead project within the FFG program “Production of the Future” (FFG No.: FO999899661).