our customers

Our focus is Industrial companies a wide range of industries (chemicals, electronics, automotive, wood, plastics, food, logistics, mechanical/plant engineering, metal, paper, pharmaceuticals, textiles), Manufacturing companies (including contract manufacturers and prototype builders) as well as the areas Building, architecture and property 

Internally, we speak with our modular service portfolio different departments: Automation, R&D, HR, Design, Logistics, Marketing, Assembly, Quality Assurance, PLC/SPS, Robotics, Service, Sales etc. This holistic approach is important because this is the only way to achieve sustainability. The crucial question regarding the possible applications of simulations and XR technologies is not where, but where not!

...And its added value

reduce costs, Save resources and Increase sustainabilityThese are relevant topics for all companies, especially for the manufacturing industry. We at EXARON support our customers in achieving these goals. We focus on one area: complexity. By making complex industrial processes visible in three dimensions and thus manageable, we enable our customers to more quickly, more efficient and agile to do.

The added value for our customers is both economical and sustainable: For example, process and product quality as well as the user/customer experience are increased, the times required for development, quotation preparation or commissioning are shortened, and the risk is reduced - in keeping with the motto "fail virtual = fail fast, safe & cheap".

Our partners


EXARON continues with Visual Components a leading simulation platform in factory and production planning. DUALIS is an authorized Visual Components sales partner and developer of add-ons for the simulation software - and EXARON is a DUALIS Simulation Integration Partner. This means that we have the opportunity to help shape functions, test previews of tool developments and report targeted feature requests. We are also able to actively help develop individual features/add-ons that meet our specific user or customer requirements.