In keeping with WWDC 2024 and the official announcement to bring the Apple Vision Pro to the international market, we describe our impressions of the XR headset (Patrick was able to test the device at the Apple Store Fifth Avenue in New York):

> The workmanship is – typical of Apple – of a very high standard.
> The operation with eye and hand tracking works very well and intuitively; and is a pleasant change from the conventional methods.
> Typing via eye tracking on the keyboard also works perfectly (and quite quickly after a certain period of getting used to it).
> The display of real hands and faces in the virtual space is well implemented.
> The environments are impressive and razor sharp.
> Photos and videos are also reproduced perfectly, and the quality of spatial videos on Meta devices is now comparable.
> The spatial anchoring and menu navigation are very well done. You can open several apps and place and anchor them somewhere in the room.

> The field of view is noticeably smaller compared to the Meta Quest 3 or Quest Pro.
> Image quality and sharpness in the passthrough are very good, but a much bigger difference to the Meta devices was expected.
> The glasses are quite heavy and with the Solo Knit strap it becomes difficult to maintain comfort over a longer period of time.
> Turning the Digital Crown to enable or disable immersion doesn't feel as smooth as it seems a bit delayed.

CONCLUSION*: The Apple Vision Pro is in the top league in all respects – including the price. In an industrial environment, marketing and sales employees (and their customers) in particular will enjoy using the device (provided the required software is also supported by the Vision Pro).

EXARON is constantly testing the latest extended reality technologies – hardware and software – and checking their applicability in an industrial environment. This enables us to provide our customers with the best possible advice and deliver customized solutions with concrete added value.

(*It is clear that you would have to test each device over a longer period of time to be able to say anything concrete; our conclusion is therefore based on a first brief impression)

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